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Open MRI in Orlando FL

Easier Multi-Position Imaging for Musculoskeletal MRIs

The Paramed MROpen, a Positional Open MRI in Orlando, is an innovative imaging system that is truly open. Patients are no longer subjected to the claustrophobia-inducing confines of traditional MRI machines. Patients love the positive experience they have with our machine, and we hope they never have to use a traditional machine again. The greatest benefit of the machine at Innovative Open MRI is the unique range of diagnostic capabilities. You can be scanned in almost any position, enabling doctors to see pathologies hidden in the supine position.

Multi-Position Imaging

Our office uses an MRI machine with anatomy-specific dedicated coils, an intuitive operator interface, and a state-of-the-art set of MRI pulse sequences. Paramed's Open MRI systems provide optimized solutions for musculoskeletal MRI imaging, and deliver outstanding image quality while allowing for maximal patient comfort. We even offer upright imaging capabilities for spine and joints, even in weight-bearing positions. It offers great images with flex-extension and other positions.

For you, this means a better diagnosis, because multi-position and weight-bearing options enable doctors to uncover pathologies that are not visible in a supine position. You can duplicate the positions that cause pain, and our machine will deliver more detailed, extensive pictures.

If you have questions about our Open MRI in Orlando or simply need to schedule an MRI scan, please contact us at 321.233.2668, today.

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Low Stress Stand Up MRI | Innovative Open MRI in Orlando FL | Multi-Position Imaging and Paramed MROpen Logo

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