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Stand Up MRI in Orlando

Enjoy Easier MRI Scans with Our Machine

Innovative Open MRI, providing state-of-the-art stand up MRI in Orlando, is your best choice for kids and patients dealing with claustrophobia, people suffering from PTSD, sports injuries, weight problems, and several other concerns. Our Pensacola, Florida, team has a new open MRI machine that makes medical imaging easier for everyone, no matter your concern.

Stand Up MRI in Orlando and Lake Mary FL | Innovative Open MRI | Happy Kid


Panic, racing heart, lightheadedness, sweating, shaking, and hyperventilating—you know what this means if you're claustrophobic. Traditional MRI machines can induce these symptoms, even in people who aren't normally intimidated by tight spaces. For people with claustrophobia, the machine can be terrifying. Our open MRI machine does away with the concerns of claustrophobics by giving them the freedom of varied positions and a wide-open space in front of them.


Traditional MRIs can be a rough experience for children, and often make performing the procedure difficult. Our open MRI allows your child to be comfortable inside the device as they can see the world outside the MRI, instead of the dark, scary world full of loud sounds inside.

Flexion & Weight Bearing Scans

Thanks to the open design of our MRI machine, we can take images in several positions, including flexed or weight-bearing scans that can uncover pathologies not visible in the supine position of older machines. You can duplicate the positions that cause discomfort, allowing our scans to see the damage. As a result, doctors can see and diagnose problems they couldn't find before.

PTSD Sufferers

Patients with PTSD suffer from recurring memories of battles and traumas that are too real, and anyone suffering from PTSD despises the idea of being inserted into a tightly closed tube and bombarded with loud noises that can trigger those memories. In our unique system, PTSD patients escape the torments that bring their trauma back to life. They can focus on the outside world or even watch television during their scan.

Sports Injuries

Injuries incurred by athletes can be difficult to image, as you must be positioned in a way that makes the injury visible on a scan. You should also be able to take the test without causing unnecessary pain, which is difficult in a traditional MRI machine. Our open MRI makes it much easier to meet these needs.

If you have questions about our Open MRI in Orlando or simply need to schedule an MRI scan, please contact us at 321.233.2668, today.

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