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Open MRI in Orlando FL

Get the medical imaging you need done without the usual discomfort and stress by visiting our office for an open MRI in Orlando FL. Magnetic resonance imaging is a type of medical imaging that produces detailed pictures of your body’s interior, allowing doctors to diagnose a wide range of injuries and illnesses.

A traditional MRI machine requires the patient to lie flat on their back inside a dark, cramped, tube-like structure. This poses a problem for people who cannot lie down comfortably or people with anxiety, claustrophobia, and other issues. Thanks to modern advancements, patients now have more options for how they get their MRI scan done. Varieties include open MRI and stand-up MRIs in Orlando at our office.

Your Options for More Comfortable Medical Imaging

Talk to our staff to determine which of our medical imaging options will work best for your needs. With our open MRI, you can get your scans done without feeling trapped in a tight, dark space. If you suffer from mobility issues or pain, you may prefer a stand-up MRI scan in which there is no need for you to lie down. Learn more about the models and scans available at our office by contacting us today at 321.233.2668.

Contact us at our MRI medical imaging office for more information on the services available. We are proud to serve patients in Orlando and Lake Mary, Florida, as well as the surrounding communities.

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