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Open MRI in Orlando and Lake Mary FL | MRI for Claustrophobic Patients | Doctor

For Doctors

When it comes to caring for patients, the best doctors are the ones that direct patients to the most effective option they have available. Traditional MRI systems have been extremely valuable over the years, but they're often difficult on patients and intolerable to many. Also, doctors and patients alike find it frustrating when tests must be performed, and there is no conclusive diagnosis to be reached.

Open MRI in Orlando

A Truly Unique Experience

With our truly open MRI in Orlando, doctors and patients alike can enjoy much more effective medical imaging that shows more clearly the affected areas. Patient comfort is an important feature of this new technology. Additionally, there are specific benefits for children, claustrophobic patients, those with PTSD, and several others. We can even focus specifically on areas we couldn't image before.

The Open Sky MRI is particular advantageous when it comes to imaging the neurological system, the musculoskeletal system, and the spine. With weight bearing and flex-extension capabilities, doctors have new, valuable diagnostic tools with significant advantages over traditional MRI systems.

These unique advantages provide better treatment for patients by eliminating guessing games, and can work to a doctor's advantage by improving his or her reputation. You'll be able to diagnose faster and more accurately, and ensure an optimal course of treatment while avoiding problems with over- and under-medicating or missing the mark entirely.

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