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Stand Up MRI in Orlando

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Innovative Open MRI?

The unique top- and front-open design of our truly open MRI or stand up MRI in Orlando (also known as an upright MRI) enables it to scan patients in any position, not just in the lying down position, which is the position that all other kinds of standard MRIs require patients to be in. Innovative Open MRI can scan patients in whatever their positions of pain or other symptoms may be—sitting, standing, bending, or lying down. It's the only MRI that can provide pictures of the spine and joints in their normal weight-bearing states, such as bending or standing. This unique ability enables it to detect problems that are underestimated or completely missed by other kinds of MRIs.

What is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. An MRI scanner allows physicians to look inside the body without using surgery, harmful dyes, or X-rays. The MRI scanner uses magnets, radio waves, and computers to produce very clear pictures, or images, of the human anatomy. MRI images depict soft tissue anatomy far better than any other diagnostic imaging equipment.

What is MRI used for?

Because MRI makes such detailed pictures of soft-tissue structures near and around bones, it is ideal for spinal and joint problems. MRI is widely used to diagnose sports-related injuries, especially those affecting the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, and wrist. MRI images allow physicians to see very small tears and injuries to ligaments and muscles.

Can somebody come into the MRI room with me?

Yes, but only if the person has been medically screened as well. People with pacemakers, certain medical devices, or pregnancy would not be able to accompany the patient. If you are not sure, call or email us before you are scheduled to come for the appointment.

Do I need a doctor's prescription?


When will I find out the results?

You won't find out at the time of the scan. The results or your MRI examination will be faxed and/or mailed directly to your doctor, normally within 24 hours. In turn, your doctor will explain them to you. Technologists are not qualified to interpret MRI examinations, nor are they allowed to, so please don't ask them for their opinions.

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